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  1.business partners    12.mixedrace scuffles

  2.clients/employees    13.gender issues

  3.co-workers              14.age differences

  4.doctors/patients       15.political disputes

  5.friends                    16.prison battles

  6.neighbors                17.marriage concerns

  7.students/teachers     18.ethical questions

  8.supervisors              19.interfaith beliefs

  9.parents/children       20.finances

10.siblings                    21.personal choice

11.roommates              22.you name it


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How are the flowers on your potato vines?  Think about that question.  Imagine that your relationships are like potato vines with flowers blooming above ground and potatoes forming deep in the soil.  It is the same with our relationships.  In their early stages, we revel in the sweetness of a flowering friendship and love affair.  As our relationships mature and age, we may encounter bumps and unevenness between personalities.  We can call these our "encounter potatoes."  There may be flare-ups, break-ups, move-outs, and, hopefully, make-ups.  Next week, we'll talk about how to peel some our "encounter potatoes," that is, how to examine them.  (Photo of blooms on a potato vine)

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.Gra Im Thu! I Love You! is a poignant love story on four significant levels: love of God, love of country, love of family and friends, and love of one's own self.  Two Irish families, with very different belief systems in the arenas of religion and politics, find themselves wanting to inter-marry.  They learn that freedom of thought breeds diversity which sprouts wings and flies all through their clan.  Diversity, like a butterfly, then morphs into an urgent need to overcome conflict and build harmony in their relationships.  The O'Grady and Gwynn families develop a method to take their various encounter potatoes and turn them into delicious mashed potatoes, building tolerance and support for each other.  They learn to eat peacefully around the table.  At that table is Teague Gwynn, a thirteen year old boy, who intuitively knows that diversity and harmony can exist together in the same house.

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